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Content created for Fila



More often than not, influencer activations are chalked up to impressions and engagement rates. But beyond social engagements, brands are getting increasingly creative with how, when and why they active micro-influencers.

From new store openings to product reviews and sales, influencers can play a critical role in the success of a company’s overarching brand and performance goals.

Influencer activations have become an integral component of a brand’s marketing strategy because they tap into the power of authentic human connection. Consumers are much more likely to take note of a brand when someone they know and trust recommends or promotes a product.

That’s exactly why brands like West Elm, Maple Hill, Polaroid, Alaska Airlines, Perrier, and Kay have turned to influencer marketing for a variety of their strategic needs.

Graze User Generated Content Example

Content created for Graze

Uniqlo User Generated Content Example

Content created for Uniqlo

Brand awareness

Uniqlo wanted to create awareness for the variety of products in their HEATTECH line including hats, scarves, and gloves. The brand wanted to reach new audiences through relevant and highly targeted creator activations and also create high- quality content that they could re-use across their social channels. Over 400 images were created for Uniqlo, reaching 4M potential consumers and generating a 7.6% engagement rate.

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Leverage influencers to extend the reach of your brand messages in an authentic and targeted format.

West Elm User Generated Content Example

Above: Content created for West Elm

Local activations

West Elm activated influencers for 13 store openings across the country including cities like Fort Worth, Des Moines, Hoboken, Ardmore, Cleveland, Toronto, Solana Beach, Santa Monica, Atlanta, Sacramento, Richmond, Downtown LA, and San Ramon.

10+ highly targeted creators were activated within a 10-mile radius of each new location to share their excitement about the store opening.

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Activate influencers within a certain mile radius of a store, event or DMA to target a hyper-localized demographic.



Polaroid User Generated Content Example

Above: Content created for Polaroid

Online sales

In an effort to increase product affinity and drive online sales, Polaroid wanted to replace white background product images with content created by their consumers. Social Native targeted individual consumers and asked them to create engaging and authentic content that illustrated their love for the Polaroid product. Over 1,000 unique consumer- generated images and videos were created and after replacing their white backdrop product images with Social Native content, the brand achieved a 3% CTR on Google Ads and a 200% higher return on ad spend.

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Influencer marketing can often be difficult to pin to ROI, but brands who have a robust and integrated influencer strategy have been able to transform their digital experience and directly correlate influencer activations to online sales.

Maple Hill User Generated Content Example

Content created for Maple Hill

In-store sales

Maple Hill wanted to harness the enthusiasm of real, local consumers to fuel advertising with authentic and personalized consumer recommendations. Social Native identified and activated creators located within a small radius of the selected stores. Creators were asked to purchase Maple Hill milk and post about their experience with the product. The strategy delivered on three key benefits:

  1. In-store sales helped strengthen relationships with retailers
  2. Maple Hill created high-quality co-branded content
  3. Consumers were exposed to the product in an authentic way which increased LTV
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Drive influencers in-store to purchase and promote your product.


In an effort to redefine the brand name, Alaska Airlines partnered with influencers in major cities across the US and empowered them to tell the story of their city. Why do they love it? Why do they live there? What is their favorite thing to do? By enabling customers to tell stories of their hometowns, the brand ultimately associated themselves with major hubs across the US to expand their affinity with more states than just Alaska.


blue light bulb@2x There’s no narrative more authentic and diverse as the voice of your consumers. More and more brands are tapping into influencer marketing to unlock the unique perspective of their users and showcase the different voices that make up the brand.



Premium Content

Clif Bar works with freelance photographers and videographers to create high-quality agency style content to fuel their multi-channel brand and performance strategy. The content is fast, scalable and created for a fraction of the cost of traditional agency generated content.

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Influencers don’t need to just be used for lifestyle content on social media. A lot of the creators that make up the “influencer economy” are freelance photographers, videographers, students and aspiring artists.






Content created for Perrier

Content created for Kay Jewelers


Kay hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch event to launch a new line of jewelry to a hyper-targeted focus group to get consumer feedback and UGC pre-launch. The brand invited 5 influencers and their mothers and used it as an opportunity to show their appreciation for their consumers through an exclusive and memorable event.

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Influencers can be a great way to remove risk from your events marketing strategy. By inviting influencers, you guarantee great content, reach and engagements, certainty around a baseline of people coming and the ability to leverage the influencer’s name when inviting other people.


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