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Evolving technology and consumer expectations have fueled drastic innovation within the e-commerce space. 

Social shopping has created a new commerce landscape—one in which consumers aren’t limited to in-store selections and can make instant purchases with the tap of a finger, giving way to convenience and increased chances for brands to get their products into a consumer’s hands.

With opportunity comes uncertainty and brands are constantly striving to map the end-to-end customer journey to keep track of all touch-points in today’s crowded virtual pathway to check-out. Where does this leave marketers when it comes to tracking sales from the various marketing strategies at play?

Gone are the days consumers travel to hectic shopping malls, spend hours looking for an item they later discover is sold out in their size, or wait in frustratingly long cashier lines.


67% of millennials and Gen Z now prefer to shop online

Social media has become a key component in driving digital sales. Whether through organic, paid, or influencer activations, 71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

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Due to recent changes such as Instagram hiding public likes, there will be a de-emphasis on using engagement to measure social performance, and the bottom line—sales conversion—will become an even more important component in tracking ROI from social advertising.

The most obvious starting point for tracking is creating custom links, but functionality is light in-feed with post captions limited to non-clickable text. This makes it hard for users to easily click-through and for marketers to track exactly where their traffic is coming from. 

Story content, on the other hand, can be clickable and interactive. So by focusing on stories instead of the feed, marketers can begin to roll out trackable content through the use of custom links.

Sundial is a great example of a brand innovating with their social shopping strategy. With 5 portfolio brands to create content for, Sundial tailors their content strategy to be relevant for each unique audience on Instagram.

By working with Social Native to activate micro influencers at scale, Sundial created 600 pieces of authentic user-generated content, which they repurposed in their story content in an effort to drive and track sales.

Sundial leveraged a Social Native partner, MikMak, for their eCommerce solution to embed pixel-tracked Add-To-Cart links into their shoppable media. Not only did this offer consumers the option to purchase on the platforms they prefer, but it also enabled Sundial to track their customers even after they left the ad and Instagram altogether.

As a result, Sundial increased their Add-To-Cart rate by 3.2X and grew their communities by 75%.

While technologies are helping to improve and track the consumer eCommerce experience for now, it is the creative that will continue to withstand the most power in driving conversions.

Rachel Tipograph, CEO and Founder of MikMak, explains that an increase in Add-To-Cart events cannot be achieved without creative optimization. In a recent episode of the Marketing Mix podcast, she shares, “The role of content within eCommerce is very different than it is within brand engagement. If you want to drive sales online, you have to create content that’s specifically built around key product benefits.”


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There is so much potential when you start using data to fuel your creative decisions. 

—Sophia Aladenoye, Sr. Director, Digital Strategy & Emerging Tech, Unilever, Sundial Brands

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