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Best Practices For Mobile-Optimized Video

What do the best performing mobile video ads have in common? Use these tips on branding, framing, timing, capturing attention, sound, and creativity to make your video ads outshine the rest!


Aspect Ratio for Mobile-Optimized Video



Highlight key elements in the frame to optimize
for social platforms and streamline for repurposing.



Aspect ratios to use for social: 

Aspect ratios-10

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For Instagram and Facebook Stories, leave roughly 14%, or 250px, at the top and bottom for the profile picture and CTA.

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When working with different aspect ratios, place vital elements in safe-areas for the frame.





Positioning for Mobile-Optimized Video

Length for Mobile-Optimized Video



The shorter the better.

Put your most exciting frames first while you have the audience's attention. 



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For in-feed, stay under 15 seconds. For Stories, stay under 10 seconds.

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Show the brand in the first 3 seconds. 

Get Creative


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graphics and visual surprises-03

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Experiment with transparency, overlays & transitions to create visual surprises.






Design for sound off, but delight with sound on.

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40% of users watch Stories without sound. Add subtitles to your ad so your audience gets your message even without sound.

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Play More

Play with the entire space; introduce strong design elements.

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Make the content provocative (but keep the brand you're representing in mind).




  • Have fun with it
  • Be yourself
  • Test, learn, and adapt!




Brand Examples


Rover Mobile-Optimized Video Example

Yellow Light Bulb Rover utilized playful text transitions and visual icons and increased CTR 182%.

Beauty Counter Mobile-Optimized Video Example

Yellow Light Bulb BeautyCounter got creative with their screen space and split it up visually, decreasing CPM by 21%.

OXXO Mobile-Optimized Video Example

Yellow Light Bulb OXXO achieved a 145% higher engagement rate with bright, full-screen vertical visuals.


Yellow Light Bulb Crocs drove attention to their Swipe Up CTA with graphics and animations.
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