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Since launch in Spring 2019, GLOW founder Bhaji Illuminati has hosted 15 networking events and curated a group of 100 women in LA to discuss topics ranging from perfecting the pitch to hiring best practices and negotiation skills.

From helping members find new jobs or pursue a promotion, to imbuing them with the confidence to launch that business they’ve always dreamed of, the GLOW community has given women the energy, network, and support needed to reach the next level of personal and professional growth.

In a recent session, Jill Birnbaum, who’s studied mindfulness for the past 7 years at various schools including UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, Happiness Studies Academy (Dr. Tal Ben Shahr’s program from Harvard) and more, shared how she has worked practices into her daily life, her learnings, advice, and strategies for becoming more mindful.

People are looking for a solution to feeling distracted, depressed and anxious. According to a Harvard study, people are not present 47% of the time. When thinking about the past, you’re susceptible to depression. When thinking about the future, you’re susceptible to anxiety. When focused on the present is when you experience the most joy.

How can you take control of your emotions to become more impactful in your intentions and actions?

Through neuroplasticity, we can retrain our brains. After just 8 weeks, people who study mindfulness show a change in their brain. What does this result in? A higher immune function, greater susceptibility to positive emotions, resilience to negative emotions, improved mood, focus, and clarity.


How do you integrate mindfulness into your life?

Practicing daily mindfulness is just like brushing your teeth, it is your emotional and mental hygiene - it arms you to better handle your day and stay more present, joyful and even-tempered. Whenever you can throughout your day, make a point of being present and mindful, doing the dishes, walking outside, talking to your friends or family. Just two minutes a day can make a difference.

How do you become more mindful at work?

When discussing how to become more mindful at work, Jill shared the following strategies to employ.

Mindful Purpose

Become very clear on why you do your job every day. What is it providing for you? Why did you choose it?

Mindful Minute

Take a moment in your car or at your desk to just breathe before starting work.

Mindful Listening

Mindfully talk to your coworkers or team. Listen to them, don't focus on what you’re going to say next or other things on your mind. Be present.

Mindful Walking

Walk with the sole purpose of being present and observing. Notice the intricacies in the trees or a building you might not have ever given a second glance. Take the time to really look at and experience the world around you.

Want to get involved with GLOW?

We are always looking to grow our community. If you are a female in business in the Los Angeles area and are interested in attending a GLOW event, send us a DM or apply on the website.


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In its most simple form, mindfulness is present moment awareness.

—Jill Birnbaum


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