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The Social Native Content Awards recognize the best consumer- generated content created across the platform each month.

Creators from all over the world, with all different backgrounds and interests, partnered with the brands they love to create authentic and personalized content to fuel their diverse range of marketing needs.

Most creative

Jessie is a 25 year old lifestyle blogger based out of New York City. Jessie holds an out-of-the-ordinary pose while wearing bright trousers to draw attention to a bottle of Perrier’s sparkling water.

Perrier User Generated Content Example

Content created for Perrier

Content created for Barbie

Best product placement

Adrienne is a creator based out of Riverside, California. Adrienne captured an adorable moment of her daughter, Marley, unveiling her ‘surprise color reveal’ Barbie doll. We love the product placement with bright packing front and center!

Content created for Bliss

Most vibrant

Ashlee is a 28 year-old photographer from Tampa, FL. Ashlee uses her design skills and eye for detail to create vibrant, colorful assets that pop on social feeds. Ashlee incorporates the colors of the packaging in a fun and unique way by designing a cohesive product backdrop. Our creators use product branding to their advantage so every asset is a true reflection of the brand.


Content created for Crocs

Most unique

Keila is a 24 year-old fashion influencer based in Los Angeles, California. Keila incorporates unique design elements to create one-of- a-kind creative for Crocs. 


Content created for Entenmann's

Best moment captured

Jamie Lynn is a 31 year old Mommy blogger from Maryland. Always capturing the sweetest family moments through her camera lens, Jamie Lynn’s content couldn’t be anymore authentic.


 Content created for Acqua Panna

Most adventurous

Grace is a 29-year-old pediatrician and musician from Chicago, Illinois. With a love for travel and the great outdoors, Grace creates colorful content all over the world.


Content created for Fifteen Twenty

Most fashionable

Lauren is a 25-year old stylist from Orlando, Florida. By collaborating with her favorite fashion brands, Lauren is always keeping her followers up to date with seasonal trends and styling timeless pieces, like this dress from Fifteen Twenty.


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